Wednesday, August 3, 2011

week 5 color purple

Sorry,I have been on vacation and did not keep up with the class or the blog. I just finished week 5 last night. I just had to take a photo of my little one eyed one horn flying purple people eater and he sings it for me also hahaha I love it! trying to use my scraps of paper that I seem to have so much of. I did learn a new technique. Punch holes and place a differnt colored paper behind to give a differnt effect. Simple! can you see that I did that on both pages?
Now have to work on blue :)


  1. CUTE people eater, Donna! Ha!

    Now, about your new technique...I can see where you pierced and placed red behind -- on the "things to know about purple" page. But, I can't find it on the "people eater" page.

    Hmmmm...I guess that I need for you to point it out to me.

    Glad you're BACK! Hope that you are RESTED & REFRESHED!!

  2. Hi Deb, thanks for your comments. You will see it on the left of the purple people eater picture the holes are much bigger than the ones on the opposite page.This little guy even sings the song for me :)

  3. Hi Donna, what a beautiful job you have done here. Love your colours.

    Rosee Labrecque